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The Rain of You [Published by "Inklings" in 1996]

"While the rain of your fingertips falls,

while the rain of your bones falls,

and your laughter and marrow fall down,

you come flying."           ~Pablo Neruda

The rain of your laughter

cascades around the ears of my memory.

The rain of your face,

your droplet eyes and nose,

falls through my mind.

The rain of your voice

pours through my head,



I listen to the rain of you,

watching it as it rolls past my heart's vision,

and wonder if I'll ever be able

to completely drink the sweetness of you.

Noah's Wife [Published by "Inklings" in 1997]

For years, the humiliation was heavy,

their laughter ringing around me,

but I bore it in trust.

Now the day has arrived,

and water pours from the sky.

Who's laughing now?

It is gratifying

to know I was right,

He was right.

But my satisfaction makes me sick

when I hear their deafening screams of terror

and their fists beating against the wood,

clawing and tearing.

Their sounds echo around this cavernous creation,

resonating amongst the animals' silence,

as I huddle with my daughters,

water pouring from my own eyes.

I do not understand this God

and why he chose to spare us.

The torrents come

and the cries are muffled

into a horrendous quiet

that roars in my ears.

I desperately cling to my flesh-and-blood

as the suffocating waters press in around me,

smothering my sobs to silence.