Jena Benton - Writer and Illustrator

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Welcome to my writing site

I am a writer, a poet, a movie enthusiast, a tea drinker, an illustrator, and a lifelong Alaskan.

I am also an elementary school teacher who stands out from the crowd (and not just because I'm 6'2" and one of the tallest people in the school building!).

As a writer, I have written and/or published in multiple genres: plays, screenplays, newspaper and magazine articles, and poetry.  I am currently working on several children's picture books.  It is my main writing focus these days as I'm determined to be a picture book writer. According to one IQ test I took in the 90s I am incredibly Linguistic.  This should come as no surprise for someone who has two teaching degrees, as well as an English and Journalism degree.

As an illustrator, I have had my own cartoon series (Henry and the Gang) published in the high school and college newsletters in Sitka, Alaska.  I'm currently working on developing my portfolio online.

While I have written everything from profile articles to improved resumes, I've had to put a stop to editing others' novels (or my own writing would never get done).